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My Youth Began With Him

NovelMy Youth Began With HimMy Youth Began With Him
Chapter 4407 – The Last Battle (7) seal yam
“Yeah, I found myself recuperating for the medical center in the past. Being a newbie at South Area, you were the earliest guy in my life to go against me…” Su Yu smiled.
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“Mian, what’s bad?”
He always believed that which had been the quickest amount of time in his daily life. Learning Huo Mian was the most important turning point in his everyday life.
“Daddy, what happened to you personally and Mommy?” Pudding was so nervous that she almost cried.
To begin with, it was subsequently unattainable for those indicate to become fragile. There was no indication which he was not inside the program region.
Was the Su Yu before her really Su Yu or was he a clone?
He was not a emotional individual in the first place. Even so, he however could not continue to be calm looking at his little princess these days. Dad and little princess have been truly connected psychologically.
“Mian, what is incorrect?”
“Daddy is really good. Pudding, your sibling should delight in your trip. Daddy has a thing to do, so I’m hanging up.”
Qin Chu checked out your window, sensing an indescribable sense of oppression.
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Qiao Fei’s mobile phone was busy.
Quite simply, the duplicate could see Su Yu’s remembrances so long as he employed his brain.
For some reason, when Qin Chu claimed the saying ‘proud’, he suddenly choked up and couldn’t proceed.
Then… how should she verify that Su Yu was the true Su Yu?
Then… how should she show that this Su Yu was the actual Su Yu?
It was Lin Ya’s territory after all. She might take action to her daddy just to get the Crimson Demon.
“Daddy, what happened for your requirements and Mommy?” Pudding was troubled she almost cried.
Su Yu immediately replied, “Of training course I actually. When I got identified that Zhao Qingya would end up like this, I wouldn’t have just delivered her to prison. I would’ve tossed her within the ocean to feed the sharks to circumvent potential troubles.”
Planning back in their primary meeting, Su Yu was filled with joy and happiness.
“Nothing, I just now wanted to make points apparent. I was reluctant that if a thing happened in the future, I wouldn’t be capable of show you in time… It will be very troublesome. Pudding, Daddy is very thankful for you and your sibling reaching the world and contacting us Mommy and Daddy… Daddy is incredibly proud…”
Secondly, it had been not possible for him to exhaust power supply, therefore the beeping sound manufactured Qin Chu feel like a little something was bad.
“Mian, what is completely wrong?”
Qin Chu appeared away windows, emotion an indescribable a feeling of oppression.
The greater amount of Pudding listened, the greater afraid she became. Why do she feel as though Daddy was settling his memorial preparations?
Qin Chu didn’t dare to state anything else to his daughter, so he quickly put up up.
Rationally speaking, it shouldn’t have took place. The mobile phone that Su Yu eventually left with was from Qin Chu. It was a special smartphone with sturdy wedding party.
Huo Mian was both joyful and amazed to find out Su Yu.
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Abruptly, it turned out the same…
In addition, battery was extremely strong and was specially intended for armed service industrial facilities.
Furthermore, it was subsequently difficult for him to run out of solar battery, therefore the beeping appear produced Qin Chu seem like a little something was wrong.
He acquired his smartphone and referred to as Su Yu again…
Furthermore, it had been extremely hard for him to exhaust battery pack, therefore the beeping sound created Qin Chu believe that a thing was bad.

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